Name Email Address Role
Mr. Kubis [email protected] Principal
Christen Brundidge [email protected] Assistant Principal
Bo Bruen [email protected] Assistant Principal
Christopher Mertz [email protected] Assistant Principal
Bryan Turner [email protected] Assistant Principal
Luis Alvarado [email protected] Dean of Students
Mike Finetto [email protected] Dean of Students
Olanthia Stallworth [email protected] Behavior Interventionist
Luci Coker [email protected] Pre-IB & STEM Facilitator
Lorena Osorio [email protected] Guidance Secretary
Mariah Fermin [email protected] School Social Worker
Debra Wolfrum [email protected] 6th Grade School Counselor
April McManus [email protected] 7th Grade School Counselor
Susan Sharpe [email protected] 8th Grade School Counselor
Erin Austin [email protected] Dining Room Manager
Jill Kamm [email protected] School Registered Nurse
Elisa Villane [email protected] At Risk Coordinator/Video Production
Cassandra Cain [email protected] Bookkeeper/FTE
Ashtin Duba [email protected] Clinic
Cindy Hesse [email protected] Digital Art & Game Design
Maria Esh-Sheikh [email protected] Discipline Secretary
Melissa Adams [email protected] English Language Arts
Kyle Frankenstein [email protected] English Language Arts
Emilie Hancock [email protected] English Language Arts
Isaac Jacobson [email protected] English Language Arts
Preston Redman [email protected] English Language Arts
Rachael Reichard [email protected] English Language Arts
Chris Siciliano [email protected] English Language Arts
Michele Stack [email protected] English Language Arts
Jennifer Stanchina [email protected] English Language Arts
Tasne Sullivan [email protected] English Language Arts
Rosanne Torres [email protected] English Language Arts
Steve Smith [email protected] ePathways
Lynn Chen [email protected] ESE Academic Circle
Charlene Burgess [email protected] ESE Paraprofessional
Marineldda Mercado [email protected] ESE Paraprofessional
Angela Mitchell [email protected] ESE paraprofessional
Gina Mouery [email protected] ESE Paraprofessional
Jennifer Baker [email protected] ESE Support Facilitator
Lori Bedford [email protected] ESE Support Facilitator
Michele Reid [email protected] ESE Behavioral Circle
Alex Rodriguez-Heuer [email protected] ESE Support Facilitator
Ann Thompson [email protected] ESE Support Facilitator
James Wix [email protected] ESE Developmental Circle
Carmen Moorhouse [email protected] ESE Academic Circle
Joani Kennedy [email protected] ESOL
Marisol Sepulveda [email protected] ESOL
Theresa Crane [email protected] Executive Assistant
Dolores Perez [email protected] Front Desk Secretary
Delmara Mantuano [email protected] Head Custodian
Debra Bange [email protected] iSeries
William Berry [email protected] iSeries
Anne Ross [email protected] iSeries
Ashley Campbell [email protected] ISS / Oportunity Lab
Joshua Autrey [email protected] Jazz & Symphonic Band
Raul Brown [email protected] Math
Jordan Goldman [email protected] Math
Marissa Michnowicz [email protected] Math
Srividya Nagasubramanian [email protected] Math
Karen Oporto [email protected] Math
Tamara Paquette [email protected] Math
Dominique Razgha [email protected] Math
Dellon Reid [email protected] Math
Nader Soliman [email protected] Math
Luz Serge [email protected] Math Lab
Mark [email protected] Math
Mason Wentzel [email protected] Media-Tech Paraprofessional
Piedad Corredor [email protected] Paraprofessional
Ronald Davis [email protected] Physical Education
Shannon Wofford [email protected] Physical Education
John Kallin [email protected] PLTW
Jeff Miller [email protected] PLTW
Norine Quire [email protected] PLTW
Carol Unterreiner [email protected] PLTW
Annita Oliva [email protected] Reading
Trish Peters [email protected] Reading
Kerrlew Watson [email protected] Reading
Lora Wentzel [email protected] Reading
Lana Pereira [email protected] Robotics & Programming
Melissa Cole [email protected] Science
Blerina Dema [email protected] Science
Bill Fabian [email protected] Science
Austin Homan [email protected] Science
Richard Lee [email protected] Science
Alyssa Pape [email protected] Science
Andrew Pitman [email protected] Science
Afifa Sohel [email protected] Science
Nicole Tonks [email protected] Science
Olivia White [email protected] Science
Emil Wilson [email protected] Science
Emily Austin [email protected] Social Studies
Sandra Benjamin [email protected] Social Studies
Joe Dalesandro [email protected] Social Studies
Joe Danner [email protected] Social Studies
Jessica Day [email protected] Social Studies
Jason Dumont [email protected] Social Studies
Sydney Farmer [email protected] Social Studies
Anthony Gantz [email protected] Social Studies
David Kleinman [email protected] Social Studies
Eric Santana [email protected] Social Studies
Elizabeth Steele [email protected] Social Studies
Michael Vickey [email protected] Spanish
John Di Manno [email protected] Speech Pathologist
Lauren Miller-Verity [email protected] Speech Pathologist
Carolyn Mitchell [email protected] Speech Pathologist
Kathleen Neal [email protected] Theater & Chorus
Christopher Bartch [email protected] Visual & Conceptual Art
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