Bullying Policy

Definition of Bullying: Bullying means systematically and chronically inflicting physical hurt or psychological distress on one or more students, a district employee or a district volunteer, including; unwanted and repeated written, verbal or physical behavior. This includes any threatening, insulting, or offensive educational environment; cause discomfort or humiliation; unreasonably interfere with the individual’s school performance or participation; and may involve but not limited to: *Unwanted Teasing/Taunting *Social Exclusion *Threat *Intimidation *Stalking *Physical Violence *Theft *Destruction of Property *Public Humiliation *Sexual, Religious, or Racial Harassment Investigation and Reporting of Bully or Harassment If the incident is within the scope of the District, an investigation will be initiated and completed within 10 school days. If it is determined that the reported bullying or harassment falls outside of the jurisdiction of the school board, the principal shall refer the incident(s) to the appropriate law enforcement agency for investigation.

Milwee Middle School takes every report of bullying seriously and has developed a comprehensive protocol to address bullying school-wide. Parents are invited to attend seminars throughout the year to address both bullying and cyberbullying. Parents also have access to the school website to address any concerns related to bullying whether it’s to get information/resources or to contact an individual about a possible bullying concern. Milwee students are also educated on bullying prevention by having instruction on the definition of bullying or support from our student led Upstanders program. The Upstanders program helps all students become active participants in creating a culture of zero tolerance on bullying at Milwee Middle School by having them interact with student leaders that have been trained to help identify and resolve possible bullying situations. Students are also instructed on how to deal with bullying on campus by having them participate in weekly teacher/student led activities that help students find peaceful resolutions to possible bullying situations. Finally, students are invited to participate in anti-violence and anti-bullying initiatives that are county sponsored like the RED Ribbon campaign, anti-violence campaign and the anti-bullying campaign.

Milwee Middle School believes that your student’s safety is paramount and as a result, we the faculty of Milwee, have developed a protocol that addresses the reports of a possible bullying situation. Students are encouraged to report any possible act of bullying either anonymously or non-anonymously. Students who wish to have their identity kept secret can report a concern by calling the SpeakOut hotline 1-800-226-7733 or use the bullying box located in the front office and the media center. Students that want to report a conflict with another student can utilize the online conflict form on the school website or complete it in the front office or discipline office. Students can also report their concerns to a teacher, guidance counselor, administrator or adult that is in contact with the student throughout the school day. Once a report is generated via internet, bully box, SpeakOut hotline, or in person, the report is collected and the student making the report is interviewed. The student is encouraged to write a statement in their words to get information on the nature, frequency, and potential witnesses of the incident. The parent of the student filing the complaint will be contacted at the start to inform them of the investigation. The parent of the student who has been accused of possibly engaging in bullying behavior will also be contacted and notified of the investigation. During the investigation of a bullying compliant the administration can enact several actions that may resolve the conflict between the alleged victim and perpetrator; these actions may be a no contact contract, schedule/seating changes, transportation changes, counseling services, or referral to school resource officer.

Contact in Regard to Bullying

Luis D. Alvarado
Dean of Students

[email protected]

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